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aboutUsIn the year 1978 the capacities and quality of our tool workshop have enabled us to start developing new tools, blow molding tools.

Since we baught the first machines in 1978 we are doing our best to meet the needs of customers in Slovenia and Europe.

Today, the customer wants everything in one place, that’s why together with our designers, we plan and produce packaging – from bottles to lids and other objects.

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You can fill our packaging with vinegar, fruit syrup, oil, herbicides and other fluids including aggressive substances. The technology of ecologically aware Europe is decomposable PET packaging. Since the year 1995 we are offering this packaging to the Slovene and European market. With this step, which wasn’t easy at all, we stepped into Europe. You won’t regret contacting us. We can set up a meeting and discuss your wishes for the design and production of packaging.

Rupar Hilda and Mica with co-workers

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